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The cost of true discipleship. ~ Pastor Gary

In the late 90’s movie The Truman Show, the protagonist Truman Burbank comes to discover that the life he thought he was living of his own volition was an elaborate lie. In truth, he was the unwitting main character in a kind of “reality” tv docudrama which followed Truman’s life from birth forward. The only reality he truly experienced was the image he saw in the mirror.

Celebrating Weakness at the AGM ~ Pastor Andrew

When you think about the mission of the local church, what comes to mind?

For some people, they think of activities and programs. We run a PA Day VBS that has been very popular these past 5 years. We host our community for Canada Day celebrations.

Other people think of social action.

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March ~ Essentials

Here are some of the events that are coming up this month. Don’t forget to check our calendar for our weekly...