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True Spirituality: How to Live for Jesus Moment by Moment

It was a moment of crisis. Having come to faith in Jesus Christ and abandoned agnosticism, Francis Schaeffer had come to ask the question, “What is real?”  Having pastored in the U.S. for nearly a decade and serving in a secularizing Europe, Schaeffer began to ask questions about what reality should Christianity produce and why had that reality diminished in his life when it was so real and fresh after his conversion.

Welcoming the Children ~ Pastor Andrew

Today we are having a Polar Blast of a time here at VBS! We have nearly 80 children here learning about the wonderful love of Jesus. Our cool crew leaders, our kitchen helpers, our organizer extraordinaire (thanks Heather!) and everyone running crafts and activities makes this day a great joy! And to be honest, I’m having a blast as well!

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June 10 ~ Pastor Andrew

June 10 ~ Pastor Andrew

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June 3 ~ Cory McKenna

Founded on the Rock Matthew 7:24-29 Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android |...

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March ~ Essentials

Here are some of the events that are coming up this month. Don’t forget to check our calendar for our weekly...