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Every Christian should be a learner and have a curiosity about the creation and the Creator.  We live in an age with an abundance of resources to help us grow in our Christian walk – from books to podcasts to videos.  Here are a few recommended resources for those who want to take a break from the books:

Five Minutes in Church History – How do you learn about 2000 years of church history when there is so much information?  Take five minutes with Stephen Nichols as he guides you through some fascinating vinettes in church history.  A personal favourite, you won’t be bored listening to our story!

The Bible Project – Produced by Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon, these short animated videos summarize books of the Bible and themes throughout Scripture in a way that are accessible and helpful.

ESV Bible – For those who find reading the Bible hard, why not listen to the Bible?  The ESV Bible app has an audio feature that allows you to find your passage, press play, and the verses will be read to you!

The Briefing – Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, offers a daily synopsis of the news from a Christian worldview.  While off for July, this weekday podcast is a great way to help you to think Christianly about daily events.

Ask Pastor John – Ever have a question that you wished a thoughtful Christian would answer?  Pastor John Piper tackles all sorts of questions in this podcast.  From theology to morality, no subject is off-limits.

Christian Audio – A great way to get through books is to have someone read them to you.  Christian Audio does this.  Download Christian books for reasonable prices, or try out the free download of the month as a sample!


Happy listening!

~Pastor Andrew



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