One of the things I find most amazing about the Bible is how it is both incredibly complex and wonderfully simple. It has been famously said that Scripture is shallow enough for a lamb to wade but also deep enough for an elephant to swim, and as we mature physically, mentally, and spiritually throughout our lives, we grow in our capacity to dive into the rich depths of Scripture and see all that the Lord has in it for us. As adults, we often value Scripture for its depth, but when we adults become parents and are given the responsibility to teach the next generation, we are given a new opportunity to also appreciate Scripture for its simplicity.

If you have young children of your own, you may be overwhelmed by the thought of teaching the complex depths of theology to your children. If you find yourself in that place today, be encouraged that Scripture’s fundamental truths don’t actually have to be complicated! In fact, many gifted, dedicated writers have laboured to provide us with resources that help us teach our children the profound truth’s of the Bible in a simple and age-appropriate way. One of these resources which I have recently discovered and come to appreciate is a book series entitled Big Theology for Little Hearts, written and illustrated by Devon and Jessica Provencher.

Big Theology for Little Hearts looks at some of the most important theological themes of the Bible—God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, the Gospel, the Church, and Creation and turns each of them into an accessible, beautifully illustrated, and conveniently sturdy board book for children as young as one year old. So many of the best children’s resources seem to be for older children, but as the new parent of a toddler, I am thankful for books like these which target the absolute youngest among us. Each book in the series explains its theological concept in a single short sentence (occasionally two) and the artwork, while exceptionally beautiful, helps communicate the book’s concepts visually in ways that are sure to benefit the youngest of readers with even the shortest attention spans.

As is the case with many of our most cherished children’s books, parents may have more to gain themselves from Big Theology for Little Hearts than they might realize. Parents looking to teach the truth of Scripture to their children can benefit greatly from seeing how trained theologians and skillful writers simplify these wonderful truths for children. If you’re not careful, you may not only learn something for yourself—you may also find yourself learning how to teach the truths of Scripture to your children also!

This summer, as you spend time reading and speaking of the Bible with your family, take full advantage of the fact that Scripture doesn’t have to be complicated. If you want to see a remarkably elegant example of this truth in action, I would highly recommend Big Theology for Little Hearts, coming soon to our own church library!

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