How have you found the past year? This question was on my mind when we began to engage families in January and March of this year. The disruption to everyday life had created new opportunities and new challenges for all of us. But what did that mean for ministry?

The impact of a global pandemic will take some time to sort out over the next 5-10 years. Our lives have been marked and changed by the economic, social, and spiritual challenges of the past 18 months. As a church, we want to serve you better.

When the elders began to consider moving Luke Burrow from part-time as our Children’s Ministry Director to full time, we engaged ministry leaders, our finance team, and you as a congregation. The helpful feedback we received caused us to consider how we could continue to build on the current needs of ministry while preparing for future opportunities.

In order to be well positioned for the future, a job description was reworked after our staff spent many hours discussing, planning, and getting feedback regarding family ministry. How can we prepare ourselves as a church to have stronger, gospel-relationality as the basis for ministry, especially for our youth (grades 6-8 and high school)?

In a large measure, the family ministry plans for fall 2021 will reorient family discipleship as a greater priority in our church. We want to share the good news with our children, disciple our youth, and equip parents and extended family members to serve one another in more effective ways. We will need volunteers for ministry, training times, and a passion to have Christ formed in us in greater ways.

Part of the success of these goals requires us to have a staffing position to this task. Our aim is to have Luke move to full time beginning in August 2021. With your support, we anticipate that our family ministry will continue to grow and serve all of us better.

Please take some time to review the attached job description. We are grateful to the Lord for providing Luke with all of his skills to help us with Children’s Ministry and now this new chapter of family ministry and all of the technical supports that are needed. As always, our elders welcome your feedback.

Moving forward for the glory of God in another generation,

~Pastor Andrew

Job description
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