There’s something wonderful about driving around and listening to something good and worshipful to move your soul in these hot summer days. Books are good to stir the mind, but music moves the soul.  

There are many genres of music, and not everyone loves the same kind of music. But finding something that lifts your eyes to heaven and moves your heart to delight in Christ is absolutely essential. Here are a few groups that help me do that: 

Cityalight ( is an Australian group whose vision is to create music that declares the name of Jesus, promotes theological truth & encourages God’s Church. On Sunday mornings, we’ve sung a couple of their songs, the most familiar one being “God Is For Us”. 

Shane and Shane ( is a group from Texas known for acoustic praise and worship music. Shane Barnard and Shane Everett have teamed up to re-do old hymns and write new songs for the Church. One of my favourite pieces of theirs is from Psalm 130 and is called “I Will Wait For You.” 

An older album (from 2007 – I know – so old!!!) is “Full Attention” by Jeremy Riddle ( While I wouldn’t endorse all of his music, “Full Attention” has some glorious lyrics that seeks the manifest presence of God. 

And for those who are looking for something to watch, “American Gospel” is available on Netflix.  This documentary is engaging, and will certainly open your eyes to the dangers of the prosperity teaching that is deadly to the soul of Christians and the world-wide Church. 

How about you? What do you love to listen to that engages your soul and encourages your heart?  

As we gather on Sunday, I pray that you can prepare your heart to worship the living Christ! 

See you Sunday,


Prepare your heart for Sunday by reading the passage and listening to the songs we’ll sing.