Have you ever stopped to consider how bizarre it is that we call this day “Good Friday”?

As much as Christmas is wonderful, it can be confusing to see the good on this day. 

On the day of Christ’s birth, the night sky was lit bright with heaven’s praises.  Angels rejoiced.  Shepherds were filled with joy.  A mother pondered.  And glory shone around. 

On the day of Christ’s death, the day sky was dark with hell’s fury.  Death looked victorious.  An innocent man was tortured.  The guilty man went free.  And injustice seemed to abound.

Judas exploited him.  People mocked him.  Soldiers beat him.  Pilate delivered him. 

But what people meant for evil, God did for good. 

Your good.  My good.

On that Friday so long ago, God said “Good!” on the single worst day in human history.  God made evil plans of men serve his good purpose – to rescue people from sin and death. And so, there is not one single day, nor week, month, year, not even a lifetime of suffering — not one pain, not one tear, not one loss, not one sorrow – over which God cannot say “Good!” for you in Christ Jesus.

Good Friday is good, even though we live in between the times.  We feel the sting of death.  We grieve over loss.  We lament at a world gone awry. 

But we do not lose heart.  We wait for a better day, a day where death has been swallowed up in victory, where death is defeated and laid in its grave, never to be seen again.

We say it is a “Good Friday” because in Christ Jesus there is hope for all who believe in God’s vindication and victory. 

As we await that final day, remember that God made this day “good” for you in Christ Jesus.  Live with faith.  Do not lose hope.  Trust in his unfailing love.

For while we approach Good Friday, I can’t wait until Resurrection Sunday to worship Christ with you, our Victor and Champion!

~ Andrew

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