One of the disciplines my father has kept has been the practice of keeping a short diary.  Each day, he would record the weather, family events and activities, and significant changes in our lives.  My dad loves to share these memories to encourage faith, and I enjoy hearing the stories and recounting some of the memories and considering the changes that God has brought over the years.

While I don’t keep a diary, I have jotted down notes and thoughts on Facebook.  Every day, Facebook reminds me about what happened “on this day” in previous years.  One of my memories from 2013 had this simple reminder:

Without going into detail, I can say that I’ll never forget that evening.  Discouraged, struggling, and feeling alone, I had cried out to God for help.  Later on I would discover that several others had been praying for me and my situation with earnestness that very week.  The result was a major change that has borne much fruit and continues to be a source of great joy.

This week, the Lord has repeatedly reminded me of the need to pray.  On Wednesday, a member from our church contacted me and asked me to pray with them on the phone.  Another member asked for prayer about a situation that had arisen.  This morning, I was meeting with someone over Skype when he shared how he had prayed this past week for an encouragement and got an answer the next morning.  And while we were talking online, I received a text message from someone else, asking me if we could connect and pray. God’s people need prayer – for hope, for encouragement, for joy, for growth, to glorify Him!

Jesus taught his disciples that they should pray and never give up (Luke 18:1).  We ought to persist in prayer, trusting that even unanswered prayers are not unheard prayers.  Rather, they may be stored up for the day God is ready to pour them out in his answer upon the earth (Rev. 5:8; Rev. 16).  Prayer is the means by which God moves, acts, and shakes the heavens and the earth.

Tonight (Friday, Oct. 21st), we will gather as a church for a night of Praise & Prayer. With songs of worship and times of directed prayer, you don’t have to be a pro to come.  Why not commit your way to the Lord (Ps. 37:5), praying as an act of trust (Ps. 37:3) so that you might delight in the Lord (Ps. 37:4)?  Would you come out for prayer?

I’m eager to see what God might do through the prayers of his people.  So let’s pray and not give up!

Looking forward to praying with you,

~Pastor Andrew

Prepare your heart for Sunday by reading the passage and listening to the songs we’ll sing.