Remember, in His Word, God has:

  • Something to see – what does the text say
  • Something to understand – what does it mean
  • Something to apply – what does it mean to me
  • Something to praise – for what are you thankful?

(1) Through the Bible

Day 1: Numbers 2-3Day 4: Num 8-9
Day 2: Num 4-5Day 5: Num 10-11
Day 3: Num 6-7Day 6: Num 12-13

Our theme this week is atonement. As we worked toward the end of Exodus, God instructs Moses to construct the tabernacle, a place where God would preside. Leviticus answers how God’s people would draw near to the Holy God residing in their midst. As you work through chapter 16 consider all of the different elements and purposes of Israel’s Day of Atonement and think upon how Jesus embodies them all as our perfect High Priest and sacrifice.

(2) Key Passages

Day 1: Leviticus 16:1-6Day 4: Lev 16:18-22
Day 2: Lev 16:7-11Day 5: Lev 16:23-28
Day 3: Lev 16:12-17Day 6: Lev 16:29-34

(3) Key Verses

Day 1: Leviticus 16:1-2Day 4: Lev 16:21
Day 2: Lev 16:3-5Day 5: Lev 16:30
Day 3: Lev 16:15Day 6: Lev 16:34

(4) Pre-readers (in the translation of your choice; below is a paraphrase of the NLT)

Leviticus 16:30

On that day offerings of cleansing will be made for you, and you will be clean in the Lord’s presence from all your sins.”