Remember, in His Word, God has:

  • Something to see – what does the text say
  • Something to understand – what does it mean
  • Something to apply – what does it mean to me
  • Something to praise – for what are you thankful?

As mentioned Sunday, we will spend our summer reading through the Psalms. The first seven of our Summer Sundays will feature various psalms in our Songs of the Saviour series. If you wish to read through the whole Book of Psalms by Labour Day follow option 1 below (Through the Psalms). If you wish to focus just upon the upcoming Sunday preaching psalm you will find that in option 2. Luke will continue to put out on Tuesday mornings a short “Pre-readers” devotional and verse for parents with young children.

(1) Through the Psalms

Day 1: Psalms 19-21Day 4: Psalms 27-29
Day 2: Psalms 22-23Day 5: Psalms 30-31
Day 3: Psalms 24-26Day 6: Psalm 32-34

(2) Sunday Sermon Psalm

Psalm 22: The Victorious Suffering King