Remember, in His Word, God has:

  • Something to see – what does the text say
  • Something to understand – what does it mean
  • Something to apply – what does it mean to me
  • Something to praise – for what are you thankful?

(1) Through the Bible

Day 1: HabbakukDay 4: Zech 5-9
Day 2: ZephaniahDay 5: Zech 10-14
Day 3: Haggai, Zechariah 1-4Day 6: Malachi

This Sunday, the preaching passage is Luke 2:41-52 and we will consider the theme of “Growth”. This is the short account of Jesus at twelve years of age left “home alone”. Not that he was “home” in the eyes of Mary and Joseph, but Jesus tells them he was in “my Father’s house” (hence, not alone either!). The last verse of the text says: “And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favour with God and man.” Can you think of anything better being said of us? What can we learn about growing in stature and favour from this passage? We re-start our “Daily Devotional” this week which comes out Tuesday through Friday; and is a short reflection helping us to see, understand, apply, and praise! If you wish to receive the devotional email please let us know by replying to this email (no need to if you were already receiving the devotional earlier in the Story of Everything).

(2) Key Passages

Day 1: Luke 2:39-40Day 4: Luke 2:51-52
Day 2: Luke 2:41-45Day 5: 2 Peter 3:18
Day 3: Luke 2:46-50Day 6: James 1:5

(1) Key Verses

Day 1: Luke 2:41-42Day 4: Luke 2:47-48
Day 2: Luke 2:43-44Day 5: Luke 2:49-50
Day 3: Luke 2:45-46Day 6: Luke 2:51-52

(4) Pre-readers (in the translation of your choice, quoted below from the NLT)

“Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and all the people.”

Luke 2:52