What is your view of church, or even, the Church? As we continue our consideration of faithful living in a predominantly faithless culture in the light of 1 Peter, how we see ourselves and our mission is critically important. As Christianity is kicked to society’s curb as a mere relic of a “superstitious” past, the Church has frequently ditched itself in one of two extremes. It either sees its gatherings as ‘holy huddles’ removed from its surrounding culture, or charged with changing culture by either electing the right politicians or becoming one with the culture such that we can effect change by being “relevant”. The questions we face are essentially who are we, and how are we to live now that we are cultural exiles. Or, simply, what is the church and what is its mission. Regardless of whether we are thinking of our church or the whole capital “C” Church, chances are very good our view is too small-minded.

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