Andrew Hall

Lead Pastor

Originating from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Andrew enjoys canoeing, wilderness camping, and cross-country skiing. Previously, Andrew worked in highway construction painting lines across Northwestern Ontario. Catch him at the right moment and you just might hear him singing a hit song from the 80s.

He is married to Melanie and has four children: Noelle, Ava, Calvin and Brita. Andrew attended Providence College and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Andrew’s passion is to know Jesus Christ and him crucified, and wants to share this life-changing good news with others so that they might know and show the glory of God in Christ.

Gary Prickett

Pastor of Outreach and Discipleship

Gary was born and raised in the Niagara Region. He married his high school sweetheart Linda, and they have been blessed with five children: Sarah, Stephen, Hannah, Amy and Daniel.

Gary studied mathematics at Western for his first degree, and subsequently worked and taught within the field of actuarial science. Sensing a call to ministry, he left his employment for training in Christian apologetics and theology at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University.

Recreationally, he enjoys (and the family tolerates) camping and racquet sports. He also has a very soft spot for British documentaries and mysteries. His desire is to know Jesus and be a minister of His reconciliation.

Luke Burrow

Family & Ministry Coordinator

Luke was born in Stratford and raised in Kitchener-Waterloo. During his first two years studying Psychology at the University of Waterloo, he sensed a call to ministry and moved to the United States to attend The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. It was there he met his wife Laura while studying in the on-campus coffee shop.

In his spare time, Luke has interests in wristwatches, music and movie production, cars, and technology, and he enjoys few things more than a perfect cup of high-elevation oolong tea from Taiwan. His desire is to see Christ’s church built up in love and strengthened in the Gospel.

Amy Nelham

Administrative Assistant

Amy is the youngest of three siblings. She grew up in Mozambique, Africa, where her parents, Mark and Kathy, were medical missionaries with AEF for ten years.

After attending High School at Medway, Amy studied English at Kings University College in London, and graduated April 2012.


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