What Should I Do If I Become Ill?

  • Follow all medical guidelines. If needed, connect with our Parish Nurse, Kathy Nelham. Kathy is a Registered Nurse and certified in Parish Nursing.
  • Please contact the church office or pastoral staff – we want to pray with you and for you.
  • If confirmed that you have COVID-19, would you consent to let others know. Our purpose in this matter is to pray and serve you through your church family. We desire to care for one another and inform one another, practicing appropriate disclosure to protect one another from community transmission.
  • As a church, we encourage you to allow others to minister to you through calls, texts, emails, and other means possible (child care, meals, shopping, etc…)
  • Adopt a senior and a neighbour. Check in on them through phone calls and seek to serve them during this time.

CBC Ilderton Parish Nurse

What is a Parish Nurse?

Parish Nurses are trained nurses regulated by the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO). They are required to be a registered nurse, have specialized knowledge, and are called to promote health, healing, and wholeness within faith communities.

How can this serve CBC Ilderton?

We believe the parish nurse concept is a wonderful fit for our church during this difficult season. Our government leaders and health service providers are doing their best to lead, educate, and serve Ontarians. In spite of this, the volume and nature of the information will be difficult for many to keep up with. Others may have functional deficits that prevent them from connecting to proper care and diagnosis. Lastly, the health system may well be strained past its capacity. A Parish Nurse will provide us with a certified education and resource referral option from within our community who shares our faith and values.

Who will this be?

Kathy Nelham has graciously offered to serve as a Parish Nurse for us. Kathy has 41 years of registered nursing experience and has completed the parish nurse training. Although recently retired, and serving as a volunteer for us, her certification remains in good standing with the CNO.

What service will she offer?

Parish nurses are trained to provide:

Health advocacy

Health counseling

Health education

Resource referral


We see particular usefulness in the areas of education and referral.


How to connect?

Firstly, as staff and elders connect with each congregant and health questions or concerns arise we will direct these to Kathy. Besides this, at any time you may connect by email to Kathy to arrange a phone call from her (click button below). Please keep in mind that if you require emergency care you need to phone 911.